Our Companies

Fortuna Luxury Group is a group of companies with a focus on using technological innovation and elite talent to facilitate the buying and selling fine jewelry, gemstones, and timepieces in the secondary markets.

Fortuna Auction

The flagship company of the Fortuna Luxury Group

Fortuna Auction is the world’s only no-risk fine jewelry auction house. At its core, Fortuna Auction is a global platform that allows consumers to buy and sell fine jewelry, gemstones, and timepieces in a transparent, secure, and regulated way. Founded in 2011, Fortuna Auction delivers the ability for a client to sell their fine jewelry to an audience of collectors across 41 countries and six continents, with none of the risk they would be exposed to in any other sale venue.

Anna Lin Jewelry

Boutique business focused on UHNW Asian collectors

Anna Lin Jewelry is our retail and wholesale jewelry brand, with an expertise in rare estate and antique jewelry and colored stones. With decades-long relationships in Asia, Anna Lin Jewelry serves as a key bridge between the American & European jewelry industry and the thriving Asian luxury market. Anna Lin Jewelry has played a critical role in building out an impressive list of high net worth jewelry, watch, and gemstone collectors in Asia.

Facet Photography

High-end creative studio focused on luxury goods

Facet Photography is a full-service jewelry, watch, and gemstone photography studio. Facet offers a full suite of services that include still photography, video, production, retouching, and styling. Whether a client is a global brand or a budding designer, the team at Facet Photography works to accommodate everyone’s budget, timeline, and goals.


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