About Fortuna Luxury Group

With a deep understanding of the secondary markets for fine jewelry, gemstones, and timepieces—coupled with extensive knowledge and insight into the Asian luxury consumer market—Fortuna Luxury Group represents an unparalleled global marketplace.

Our Pillars of Success

The group of companies that comprise the Fortuna Luxury Group have a strong focus on all aspects of the secondary markets for fine jewelry, gemstones, and timepieces. The group represents complete vertical integration—from sourcing, evaluating and pricing, to marketing and finding buyers around the world—both retail and wholesale.


Innovation coupled with agile operations affords Fortuna Luxury Group the flexibility to quickly adapt to new opportunities and shifts in the market.


We place the highest value on taking the right and just action—above all else, including profit, growth, or opportunity.


Our culture of strong ethics and vision-driven success allows us to continue attracting the top talent in the industry.

Our Competitive Advantages

Expertise in Fine Jewelry, Gemstones, & Timepieces

With a team of jewelry professionals bringing over 100 years of experience, Fortuna Luxury Group has expertise in all aspects of the industry: gem identification, wholesale and retail, luxury timepieces, rare jewelry and gemstones, global market dynamics, and more.

Bridging Eastern & Western Luxury Markets

With decades-long relationships in Asia, Fortuna Luxury Group represents a key bridge between the American & European jewelry industry and the thriving Asian luxury market.

Global Audience of UHNW Individuals

With a specialized approach with brand development and white glove service, Fortuna Luxury Group has attracted affluent clients across 41 countries and six continents.

Industry-Leading Creative & Photography

One of the keys to the global success of Fortuna Luxury Group is our expertise in photography and digital marketing, allowing us to build trusted relationships well beyond in-person interactions.

Headquartered in New York City

With a beautiful showroom overlooking 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center in New York City, Fortuna Luxury Group in anchored in the center of the fine jewelry, gemstone, and timepiece marketplace.